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Best Eye Cream For Dark Circles

An In Depth Look At The Best Eye Cream For Dark Circles

Dark circles under the eye can definitely be very unappealing, especially for females. This is a common sign of fatigue or exhaustion, which cannot always be treated by getting a few extra hours of sleep.

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What most individuals may not understand is that the dark coloring is actually only shadows that may be linked to puffy eyelids. Below you will discover more information about this feature and how to treat it.

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Changing Your Diet 

As mentioned above, dark circles may be linked to exhaustion, but they very well may be linked to your diet. For those individuals that suffer from congestive heart failure, it is not unusual for the eyelids to become edematous.

While the edema normally affects the lower extremities, an excessive amount of water retention can also lead to upper body and facial edema.

By cutting your sodium intake to the recommended daily amount, your body will be able to combat water retention more effectively. Alcoholic beverages will also trigger edema, so it is best to keep your intake to a minimum level. Add a small bowl of avocados and a boiled egg to your daily diet.

These foods are rich in biotin, which is an important substance that will keep your skin healthy, with a youthful appearance.

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Sleeping Position Alterations 

Water retention is very common in individuals that suffer from chronic diseases such as renal failure, cardiac disease, or diabetes. While it is imperative to monitor your fluid intake and outtake, you can also change your sleeping positions.

By utilizing two pillows, when you sleep, you will be allowing the extra fluid to drain from your face. By doing this, you will wake up every morning without puffy eyelids.

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Cold Compresses  

You can utilize cold compresses to reduce the edema in your facial area. If you genuinely want to get creative, you can develop a homemade remedy to combat those dark circles.

  • Tomato and Lemon Juice – mix a ½ tablespoon of tomato and lemon juice together, stir thoroughly. Dip a cotton ball into the mixture and apply it underneath the eyes and over the edematous areas. You can actually leave this on while you are sleeping, but be sure to rinse your face thoroughly with water the next morning. It may take several applications, before you begin to see changes in your appearances.
  • Cucumber Slices – are also very beneficial for treating dark circles under the eye. The cold vegetable slices will aid in constricting the blood vessels in this area and reduce the edema. While this is only a temporary fix, you can envelop it into your daily skin care regimen.


Whether you are a fan of cosmetics or not you can benefit from neutral concealers and powders. Just apply a small dab underneath each eye and watch the transformation take place.


There is also an unlimited array of eye creams on the market, but it is important to view the ingredient list in each brand, before purchasing. Some of these brands may contains harsh ingredients that can trigger allergies and worsen your condition.

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